“In our niches, we are number one, sometimes number two but rarely number three”

CEO, Stephan Wartmann
“Our service starts with problem analysis and ends in the complete cycle of client support”
CEO, Stephan Wartmann
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“For us, the customer is a partner”
CEO, Stephan Wartmann

About Us

Rittmeyer is a BRUGG group company offering state-of-the-art instrumentation, automation solutions and processes for hydro electric and water resource management applications.

We have been operating since 1904, and to date, we have installed more than 20,000 measurement systems. We are present all over the world with subsidiaries, sales offices and a distribution network active in more than 20 countries in Europe, America and Asia.

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Our work begins with an accurate and careful knowledge of our customers' needs.


Our aim is simple: to ensure the successful implementation of Rittmeyer solutions and to satisfy the customer.


An immediate reaction in the event of a malfunction is essential.


The careful periodic verification of a plant provides clear information on its status and any potential risks.

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