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27 January 2023

The renewable energy transition is creating a green jobs boom

Source: The energy crisis is impacting billions of people around the world, as soaring prices have made it more expensive to power homes and businesses.However, the current […]
29 November 2022

Visualizing the World’s Largest Hydroelectric Dams

Source: Did you know that hydroelectricity is the world’s biggest source of renewable energy? According to recent figures from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), […]
9 November 2022

Control of hydroelectric plants: supervision and maintenance

Supervision and maintenance activities are to be considered absolutely crucial for the proper functioning of hydroelectric plants which, over time, are subjected to wear and aging […]
18 October 2022

Rittmeyer and Alperia together for the security of hydroelectric plants: watch the video!

As result of the relationship of trust developed over time between these two companies that share values ​​of reliability, efficiency and sustainability, this collaboration is aimed […]
2 August 2022

Roger Amhof new CEO of the Rittmeyer Group

Starting 1 August 2022, Roger Amhof is the new CEO of the Rittmeyer Group. With profound knowledge as a decision-maker in the industrial goods and energy […]
25 July 2022

Renewable energy: How Scottish Isle of Eigg relies on wind, water, solar

Source: BBC News As the world slowly moves away from using fossil fuels for electricity, a tiny Scottish island has shown it’s possible to rely almost […]
24 June 2022

Argentina and Brasil could resurrect with their commodities

Source: IlSole24Ore The prices of agricultural raw materials and the growing demand for the decline in exports are favorable conditions for Latin America. Countries rich in […]
27 May 2022

How much electricity comes from clean energy in Latin America?

Source: Producing about 60% of its electricity from green sources, Latin America and the Caribbean is home to one of the cleanest power grids in […]
28 April 2022

Hydroelectric power, Mexico’s questionable green gamble

Source: El País López Obrador has assured that the country will reach its renewable energy targets with these plants, but experts doubt that this is possible. […]
22 March 2022

World Water Day 2022

Source: United Nations On March 22nd we celebrate the World Water Day.Established in 1993, it focuses on rasing awareness of our most precious resource. 2.2 billion […]
24 February 2022

Chile’s new president Gabriel Boric and his environmental programme against climate crisis

Source: Boric Presidente Chile must recognise and declare itself in a state of climate emergency. Although it is not responsible for this crisis, it will suffer […]
20 October 2021

World Energy Days 2021

From the 20th to the 22nd of October we will celebrate World Energy Days 2021. This year’s edition will focus on “Energy Sustainability In Africa: Unlocking […]

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