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15 June 2023

New look – same passion!

Rittmeyer has been part of the BRUGG Group since 1979. Starting on June 15, 2023, we will strengthen this affiliation by adopting a new logo with […]
27 January 2023

The renewable energy transition is creating a green jobs boom

Source: The energy crisis is impacting billions of people around the world, as soaring prices have made it more expensive to power homes and businesses.However, the current […]
29 November 2022

Visualizing the World’s Largest Hydroelectric Dams

Source: Did you know that hydroelectricity is the world’s biggest source of renewable energy? According to recent figures from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), […]
9 November 2022

Control of hydroelectric plants: supervision and maintenance

Supervision and maintenance activities are to be considered absolutely crucial for the proper functioning of hydroelectric plants which, over time, are subjected to wear and aging […]
18 October 2022

Rittmeyer and Alperia together for the security of hydroelectric plants: watch the video!

As result of the relationship of trust developed over time between these two companies that share values ​​of reliability, efficiency and sustainability, this collaboration is aimed […]
2 August 2022

Roger Amhof new CEO of the Rittmeyer Group

Starting 1 August 2022, Roger Amhof is the new CEO of the Rittmeyer Group. With profound knowledge as a decision-maker in the industrial goods and energy […]
25 July 2022

Renewable energy: How Scottish Isle of Eigg relies on wind, water, solar

Source: BBC News As the world slowly moves away from using fossil fuels for electricity, a tiny Scottish island has shown it’s possible to rely almost […]
24 June 2022

Argentina and Brasil could resurrect with their commodities

Source: IlSole24Ore The prices of agricultural raw materials and the growing demand for the decline in exports are favorable conditions for Latin America. Countries rich in […]
27 May 2022

How much electricity comes from clean energy in Latin America?

Source: Producing about 60% of its electricity from green sources, Latin America and the Caribbean is home to one of the cleanest power grids in […]
28 April 2022

Hydroelectric power, Mexico’s questionable green gamble

Source: El País López Obrador has assured that the country will reach its renewable energy targets with these plants, but experts doubt that this is possible. […]
22 March 2022

World Water Day 2022

Source: United Nations On March 22nd we celebrate the World Water Day.Established in 1993, it focuses on rasing awareness of our most precious resource. 2.2 billion […]
24 February 2022

Chile’s new president Gabriel Boric and his environmental programme against climate crisis

Source: Boric Presidente Chile must recognise and declare itself in a state of climate emergency. Although it is not responsible for this crisis, it will suffer […]

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