Consultancy, installation, commissioning, monitoring and after-sales assistance

Productivity, availability, safety and related costs are the most relevant issues for most plant operators. Precisely for this reason, you need an innovative partner with the correct answers.

For Rittmeyer, the customer is at the centre of everything: together we develop a customised solution and provide you or create tailor-made services that match your needs.

In the event of problems, our customer service is available all year round to ensure trustworthy cooperation and optimal service.

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Our work begins with an accurate and careful knowledge of our customers' needs. Verifying and knowing every detail of their needs guarantees a conscious, safe and precise development process and lets us offer the most suitable Rittmeyer solution.


We guarantee professional, accurate and personalised installation services and we operate flexibly supporting our customers in some or every phase of the project. Our aim is simple: to ensure the successful implementation of Rittmeyer solutions and to satisfy the customer.


Rittmeyer technical personnel have constant all-round training and are qualified to operate in confined spaces or suspended at heights. In this way, we guarantee first of all the protection of our technicians and consequently also that of our customers. Thanks to specific training, our technicians can safely face any type of situation, guaranteeing Rittmeyer quality.


Downtime reduces a plant's productivity. An immediate reaction to any malfunction is therefore essential. Rittmeyer customer service technicians provide support within a contractually agreed time, thus helping to keep the service running. They can assist with remote maintenance or, if necessary, even quickly on site. With an individual service contract, you can agree on the costs of troubleshooting assistance, as well as the costs for any necessary repairs, up to the costs of spare parts, as a single flat rate solution.


The careful periodic verification of a plant provides clear information on its status and any potential risks. The inspection results are documented in a report and the resulting measures to be taken are discussed with the customer. Rittmeyer preventive maintenance ensures investment value as well as trouble-free operation.

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