RITOP & iRITOP, the most versatile and intuitive system for managing water and energy resources

The RITOP supervision system is a supervision and control technology that exchanges process data with the automation level.

RITOP is the right choice for plants of all sizes and guarantees simple and safe process management through clear and adequate information flow. Statuses and anomalies are displayed automatically and specifically for the object and allow the operator to intervene quickly and easily. Being able to react immediately to changes in status means the possibility of intervening in the process appropriately to the situation and consequently a cost-saving.

  • The continuous download of process data and immediate archiving
  • Remarkably simplified remote monitoring of plants and systems
  • Instant sending of alarm and fault messages
  • Immediate intervention via local network or Internet
  • Flexible or customised software packages to adapt to every need
  • iRitop iOS mobile application for emergency response with high standards in terms of IT security
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