RIPOS & RIVERT hart / RIPOS & RIVERT smart: High precision absolute linear position encoders

The absolute transmitters RIPOS and RIVERT accurately measure the mechanical position of the operating parts. The compact and robust connection as well as the simplicity of installation allow numerous applications, such as measuring the position of gates, fans, sluices, guides, valves, turbines, overhead cranes and slewing cranes, etc.

RIPOS and RIVERT are both available in two versions: a smart version capable of performing different elaborations of process values, such as calculation operations, point curve, calculation of the flow rate as a function of the level and many others; a hart version with the implemented HART interface. Both versions differ in the number of inputs/outputs and the communication available interfaces. Common to all devices is the high measurement accuracy even in harsh environments.

Advantages of RIPOS/RIVERT hart
  • Fully implemented HART® interface
  • Integrated process value calculations (limit values, linearisation)
  • Cable connection through cable glands
  • 1 analogue output
  • 22 digital outputs (option)
  • 1 status output (option)
  • Output code (BCD, Grey, binary) 22 bits (option)
Advantages of RIPOS / RIVERT smart
  • Integrated web server for easy configuration and diagnostics
  • Integrated data logger with remote access
  • Extensive elaboration of process values (calculation operations, point curve, integration)
  • Cable connection with plug connectors
  • 4 digital outputs
  • 1 status output
  • 1 analogue output
  • Modbus RTU protocol (master)
  • TCP protocol (slave)
  • IEC 60870-5-104 protocol
  • 1 Ethernet 100 BaseT interface
  • Integrated heater (option)

  • Inclination measurement
  • Position measurement
  • Range measurement
  • Level measurement with a float

  • Inclination measurement
  • Position measurement
  • Indirect measurement of the gate flow rate
  • Unbalance monitoring
  • Valve opening monitoring
  • Range measurement
  • Adjustment speed control
  • Level measurement with a float
  • Automatic control of sluice gates

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